Michelin PILOT SPORT A/S 3+

P255/35R18 94Y

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"Michelin’s Pilot Sport A/s 3+ Is One Of Michelin’s Most Adaptable All Season Options. It Offers Reliable Traction In Dry Conditions, Wet Conditions, And Even In Light Snow. This Tire Is An Ultra-high Performance Tire With A Variable Contact Patch That Ensures Your Tires Will Have Great Cornering Ability And Unparalleled Stopping Distance In Both Rain And Snow. Along With Great Performance, These Tires Also Deliver Great Wear Life. Michelin Guarantees That They Will Last A Full 45,000 Miles. These Tires’ Center Grooves And 3d Sipes Provide Easy Water Evacuation, And Biting Edges To Grip In Snowy Conditions. These Tires Truly Live Up To Their All Season Title Without Taking Away From Their Ultra-high Performance Category.."

Tire Perks

Ride Guarantee: 30 day


Wheel Diameter18
Aspect Ratio35
Section Width255
Overall Diameter25.0276
Weight25.26 lbs
Part Number72614
Speed RatingY
Load Index94
Warranty45000 Miles
Load RangeXL
Tread Depth
Max Load1477 lbs
Max PSI50
Revolutions per Mile805.83
Country of OriginN/A

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