ST235/80R16 123M


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"The Gt Maxmiler St Is A Trailer Service Tire Made Specifically With Heavy Towing In Mind. This Tire Provides The Optimum In Stability And Reliability For Heavy Tows Such As Towing A Boat. The Gt Maxmiler St Tire Features Flexural Vertical Grooves Along With Slanting Horizontal Grooves. These Provide The Dispersion Of Water Which Improves Wet Handling And Guarantees Stability While Providing Stronger Handling. The Main Flexural Grooves Make The Tires Easy To Install And They Also Improve The Press Distribution Of The Tire. Made With High Performance Polyester The Tire Will Perform Well Over Time And Its Wide Design Will Improve Free Handling And Wear Appearance. The Full Tread Width Allows For The Tire To Have Better Contact With The Road Thus Providing A Better Grip, Better Handling And Braking Performance. The Rib Based Tread Design With A Continuous Center Rib Improves The Directional Stability Of The Tire And Is Ideal For Free Rolling Trailer Applications. With A Robust Carcass The Straight Line And Cornering Stability Of The Tire Is Improved.."


Wheel Diameter16
Aspect Ratio80
Section Width235
Overall Diameter30.8031
Weight40.6 lbs
Part Number100A2783
Speed RatingM
Load Index123
Warranty0 Miles
Load RangeE
Tread Depth
Max Load3417 lbs
Revolutions per Mile654.74
Country of OriginN/A

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