Falken Wildpeak A/t3w

LT285/65R20 127R


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"The Wildpeak A/t3w Is Falken’s Any Weather, All-terrain Tire Designed For Exploits, Anytime. The Wildpeak A/t3w Blends Forceful Off-road Capability And Rough Terrain Driving While Not Compromising On Pavement Driving. The Combination Of Optimized Tread Pattern And Silica Tread Compound Allow The A/t3w To Shine In Wet, Winter And Wear Performance. As A Severe Snow Tire, The A/t3w Bears The Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Emblem, A Requisite Of The Rubbers Manufacturers Association. Deep Grooves And Sipes Sustain Reliable Form And Performance Throughout The Tire’s Life. features And Benefits outer Apex Sidewall Is A Subordinate Bead Peak That Performs Like A Heat Guard To Protect The Tire’s Casing, Offering Precise Handling And Stability With Added Sidewall Protection During Rough Terrains Drive. heat Diffuser Technology Located In The Lower Sidewall Dispels Heat To Safeguard The Tire’s Internal Components To Provide Vehicle Stability When Carrying Full Loads Or Towing. 3d Canyon Sipe Technology Interconnects The Shoulders To Provide Resistance To Wear Caused By High Rotation And Provide Added Handling Firmness. rugged And Rigid Tread Blocks Consist Of Support Inclines And Step-down Characteristics, Which Provide A Firm Tread Pattern In The Contact Area To Improve Vehicle Solidity And Handling And Prevent Stones From Becoming Entrenched In The Grooves. forceful Upper Sidewall And Offset Shoulder Blocks Guard The Tire From Sharp Stones And Offer Extra Off-road Grip In Off-camber Or Low Tire Pressure Situations. ."


Wheel Diameter20
Aspect Ratio65
Section Width285
Overall Diameter34.5866
Weight67.7 lbs
Part Number28037326
Speed RatingR
Load Index127
Warranty55000 Miles
Load RangeE
Tread Depth
Max Load3858 lbs
Max PSI0
Revolutions per Mile583.12
Country of OriginN/A

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