Falken AZENIS FK510

P265/35R21 101(Y)


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"Falken’s Azenis Fk510 Is An Ultra-high Performance Summer Tire That Offers Confident Traction In Most Conditions. The Tire’s Tension Control Technology Absorbs Potentially Damaging Shock, And Distributes Pressure Across The Entire Contact Surface. Switchback Siping And The Four Circumferential Grooves Promote Wet Cornering, And Fight Hydroplaning. Wide, Reinforced Shoulder Blocks And Hybrid Undertread Materials Add Rigidity To The Tires, And Enhance Lateral Grip And Cornering At High Speeds While Preserving The Tire’s Wear Life. Falken’s 4d Nano Design Rubber Compound Improves Tread Flexibility, Pliability, And Road Adhesion By Reducing Heat Generation And Rolling Resistance. The Azenis Fk510 Is A Great Option For Drivers Looking To Optimize Their Premium Vehicle’s Performance. It Offers Outstanding Grip, And Excellent Performance All The Way From The Molecular Structure Of The Rubber To The Physical Tread Design.."


Wheel Diameter21
Aspect Ratio35
Section Width265
Overall Diameter28.3031
Weight29.3 lbs
Part Number28032384
Speed Rating(Y)
Load Index101
Warranty0 Miles
Load RangeXL
Tread Depth
Max Load1819 lbs
Revolutions per Mile712.57
Country of OriginN/A

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