Delinte D7

P255/30R22 95Y


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" the Delinte D7 Is An All Season Eco Friendly Tire, Made For High Performance Sports Cars, Coupes, And Sedans. These New Tires From Delinte Are Designed And Manufactured To Handle The Extreme Stresses, And High Temperatures Created By High Speed Driving And Modern Driving Conditions. The Delinte D7 Comes With Some Awesome Features And Benefits. The Special Tread Pattern Of The Delinte D7 Is Optimized To Maintain The Maximum Amount Of Footprint On The Road, Which Helps To Stabilize The Vehicle While Cornering And Driving At High Speeds. Delinte Engineered A Specialized Tread Compound, Combined With Its Patented Spinning Designs, Helps To Enhance The Balance Of The Tire For Fuel Economy, Traction, And Ride Comfort. A Tires Tread Naturally Wears Over The Course Of It’s Lifetime; Delinte Wanted To Use This As A Way To Improve The Tires Grip And High Performance Capabilities. By Creating A Design That Changes Gradually, The Main Circumferential Center Grooves, As They Wear, Help To Absorb The Vibrational Noise Experienced While Driving, And They Also Help To Steer Airflow Away From The Tire Reducing Noise Generated By Rubber To Road Contact. The Best Thing About The Delinte’s Is That They Are Extremely Competitively Priced, Compared To Other Ultra High Performance Tires. ."


Wheel Diameter22
Aspect Ratio30
Section Width255
Overall Diameter28.0236
Weight27.65 lbs
Part Number841623100964
Speed RatingY
Load Index95
Warranty40000 Miles
Load RangeXL
Tread Depth
Max Load1521 lbs
Revolutions per Mile719.68
Country of OriginN/A

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