Continental RFT - CONTI PROCONTACT SSR (Run Flat)

P205/55R16 91H

Tire Perks:
  • Ride Guarantee - 60 day
  • Road Side Assistance - Flat Tire change
  • Road Hazard Included - 1 year


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" the Conti Procontact Ssr Is The Run-flat Version Of The Conti Procontact. It Is A Grand Touring All-season Run-flat Tire That Is Designed To Provide Mobility In Case Of A Puncture In The Tread That Would Cause The Tire To Lose Its Air Pressure. The Conti Procontact Ssr Is Designed To Blend Great Traction And Handling, With Low Noise And A Smooth Ride, All While Providing Run-flat Capability. The Continental Procontact Ssr Allows Drivers To Keep Driving In The Event Of A Flat, Allowing Them To Reach A Tire Service Facility Without Having To Go Through The Hassle Of Changing A Flat Tire, Then Driving With The Spare. The Conti Procontact Ssr's Reinforced Sidewall Enables The Car To Continue On Its Way At A Maximum Speed Of 50 Mph For Up To 50 Miles. It Is Also Designed To Eject Water From The Tread Quickly And Quietly, The Conti Procontact Ssr Helps Reduce The Risk Of Hydroplaning, And Keeps You Safe While Driving In Wet Conditions. The Conti Procontact Ssr Has An All Season Tread Molded Into A Symmetric, Heavily Siped Design That Provides Continuous Contact With The Road To Enhance Steering Response And Handling, While Its Circumferential Grooves Resist Hydroplaning, And Promote Wet Traction. Continental's Proactive Edge Technology Places 800 Plus Arched Biting Edges In The Tire's Tread Design To Bring More Active Edges Into The Contact Patch. By Doing So, The Conti Procontact Ssr Increases Its All Season Traction While Also Allowing The Tread To Transfer Energy Smoothly From Edge To Edge While Driving, To Minimize On-road Noise. The Tire's Internal Structure Includes Twin Steel Belts Reinforced By Spirally Wrapped Nylon To Stabilize The Tread Area Promoting Uniformity And High-speed Durability. ."

Tire Perks

Ride Guarantee: 60 day
Road Side Assistance: Flat Tire change
Road Hazard Included: 1 year


Wheel Diameter16
Aspect Ratio55
Section Width205
Overall Diameter24.878
Weight24.43 lbs
Part Number03513410000
Speed RatingH
Load Index91
Warranty60000 Miles
Load Range0
Tread Depth
Max Load1356 lbs
Revolutions per Mile810.68
Country of OriginN/A

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