Achilles ATR SPORT

P225/50R18 99W


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"The Achilles Atr Sport Is An All-season High-performance Tire Designed For Passenger Cars. Molding A Combination Of Apis Eco-friendly, Eco-safe Technology, The Atr Sport Delivers On Improved Fuel Consumption For Better Mileage, Reduced Rolling Resistance And Improved Wet Traction. the Atr Sport Comes With A Mud And Snow Rating That Delivers All-season Driving Conditions. Wide Steel Belts Allow For Improved Traction And Cornering To Minimize Side Slippage And Deliver Better Braking Capability. The Sporty Tread Pattern Emphasizes Exceptional Performance During Handling, Acceleration, And Braking. A Computerized Design On The Atr Sport Profile Provides A Comfortable And Quiet Ride. The Atr Sport Has A Tough Steel Belted Tread Surface That Provides Durability And Extended Tread Life. All Weather Grip And Hydroplaning Resistance Capability Are Due To An Innovative Offset Design That Capitalizes On Energy Transfer On Any Road Condition. The Atr Sport Comes With A Rim Guard Protection That Safeguards Against Wheel Damage. ."


Wheel Diameter18
Aspect Ratio50
Section Width225
Overall Diameter26.8583
Weight0 lbs
Part NumberMAA225018
Speed RatingW
Load Index99
Warranty50000 Miles
Load Range0
Tread Depth
Max Load1709 lbs
Revolutions per Mile750.91
Country of OriginN/A

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