Vehicle Fluid Services

At Big Brand Tire, we offer a free vehicle fluid check.

Vehicle Fluid Check

What is a vehicle fluid check?

A vehicle fluid check is a basic service in quick a qualified technician inspects the levels and condition of your vehicle's fluids. During vehicle fluid check the technician will also look for any signs of fluid leaks or problems.

Common fluids checked during an inspection include:

  1. Windshield washer fluid
  2. Coolant/Anti-freeze
  3. Transmission Fluid
  4. Power Steering Fluid
  5. Brake Fluid
  6. Engine oil level

How often should I have my vehicle's fluids checked?

You vehicle's fluids should be checked with every oil change or mechanical repair. It is also advised to have your vehicle's fluids checked prior to any long drives to help reduce the chance of a problem. Big Brand Tire & Service always offers fast and free vehicle fluid checks.