Tire Rotation Services

To avoid uneven tread wear it's important to rotate your tires regularly.

Tire Rotation

Why is it important to rotate your tires?

Under normal driving conditions, the front tires of your car typically wear faster than the rear tires. This is because the front tires receive the most impact from turning in addition to supporting the extra weight of the engine on front wheel drive cars. Regular tire rotation can help ensure even distribution of your tire wear as well as increase wheel traction. This increases your vehicle’s tire mileage and can extend your tires’ service life.

How often do I need a tire rotation?

A tire rotation is recommended every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to avoid uneven tread wear. For most drivers, tire rotation is recommended approximately every six months.

What is included in the tire rotation service?

Visit your local Big Brand Tire & Service location in order to receive expert advice from our maintenance professionals regarding which tire rotation pattern will be best for your vehicle. If you have a full-size spare, it can be included in your rotation pattern. Here are two common tire rotation patterns:

The rearward cross pattern takes the front tires to the back while swapping left for right as the back tires move up to the front but stay in their respective left and right positions.

traditional rotation

An X-pattern swaps all tires from front to back, left to right. Finally, the front cross pattern takes the back tires to the front, swapping right for left while the front tires go to the back but will not be switched from left to right.

X rotation