Radiator & Coolant Hoses

Keep your engine, radiator and yourself at a comfortable temperature.

Radiator Check

What is a radiator and why is it important?

The radiator in your car is one of the most important components because it is the main part that keeps your engine from overheating. Coolant is pushed by the water pump through the radiator and in this process the coolant cooled before being cycled back through your engine. If your raditor is broken or leaking your car can quickly overheat with can lead to expensive repairs.

How much will it cost to inspect my radiator?

At Big Brand Tire & Service we do many inspections for free. Some problems take longer than others to diagnose, and we do sometimes need to charge an inspection fee for more difficult inspections. If you would like to discuss your vehicle's problems, please call us at (866)779-8473 and one of our trained staff members may be able to determine over the phone the difficulty of your inspection.