Oil & Filter Change

An oil change is the most important maintenance for your vehicle.

Oil Change Service

In order for your engine to properly perform it is very important to change your oil and oil filter regularly. Big Brand Tire & Service has trained professionals ready to change your oil and oil filter today.

How often does my vehicle need an oil change?

Every car has different recommended oil change intervals. These intervals can vary based on your vehicle’s operating conditions as well as your driving habits. The most common oil change intervals are between 3,000 to 7,500 miles.

Why do I need to change my oil and oil filter?

Motor oil lubricates engine components in order to minimize friction and prevent wearing on the inside of your engine. Over time, engine oil becomes dirty from carbon, various metals, and other materials that occur as a result of the combustion process. These materials are collected in the oil and can significantly reduce the lubricating properties of the oil.

The oil filter is a component that is attached to your engine that constantly filters your oil when your engine is running. Over time, this filter becomes less effective because it get dirty. The oil filter should be changed every time the engine oil is changed.

What is included in an oil change service at Big Brand Tire?

  • Drain & dispose of the old oil
  • Remove & dispose of old oil filter
  • Free Multi-point Vehicle Inspection
  • Free Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection
  • Install new oil filter
  • Fill engine with recommended amount of new oil
  • Reset the vehicle's maintenance reminder (if needed)