Cooling System Services

Keep your engine, radiator and yourself at a comfortable temperature.

Cooling System Check

What is the cooling system?

One of the most common reasons why vehicles breakdown or experience problems is because of problems with the engine cooling system. The purpose of your vehicle's cooling system is to maintain the temperature of the engine so that is does not get too hot. If your engine is running above or below the recommended temperature, your engine can quickly break and lead to expensive repairs.

Common cooling system problems include:
  • Bad Thermostat
  • Leaking Head Gasket
  • Bad Temperature Sensor
  • Radiator leaks
  • Water Pump leaks
  • Leaking or broken coolant hoses

How much will it cost to inspect my cooling system?

At Big Brand Tire & Service we do many cooling system inspections for free. Some cooling system problems take longer than others to diagnose, and we do sometimes need to charge an inspection fee for more difficult inspections. If you would like to discuss your vehicle's cooling problems, please call us at (866)779-8473 and one of our trained staff members may be able to determine over the phone the difficulty of your inspection.