Cabin & Air Filter Service

The cabin air filter keeps dust, exhaust and pollen from getting into the cabin of the car.

Cabin & Air Filter

Cabin & Air Filter Service

Filters in your car make a difference in how it runs and in keeping the engine running smoothly for years to come. Each filter has a specific job to do, and to do that job they need to be clean. Even after normal use, filters become dirty and can clog, affecting the way your engine runs and the quality of air inside your car.


Air Filter

In order to keep your car’s engine as clean as possible, an air filter is responsible for catching airborne pollutants that can affect the engine’s performance. This includes dust, sand, tiny rocks, salt from winter roads and other debris. If any of this gets into your engine, it can cause damage and affect other systems in your car.

If the vehicle’s oxygen sensors detect any issues, checking the air filter is a simple first step. If it appears to be dirty or significantly clogged, it should be replaced immediately. Every vehicle manufacturer is different, but the air filter should be replaced at minimum every 30,000 miles.


Cabin Air Filter

Like the engine’s air filter, your car’s cabin air filter cleans the air coming into your car through its ventilation system. It catches dust, pollen, debris and other gunk that could make riding in your car a not-so-pleasant experience. If you have asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues, a clean cabin air filter is an important way to ensure high-quality, breathable air is always available in your car.

Over time, your cabin air filter needs to be replaced, as it fills up with dirt and grime every time you use your car. You should check your cabin air filter at least once a year, or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Need a reminder? Check the cabin air filter every time you get your oil changed, just in case.