Air Conditioning Service

Maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Check

Air Conditioning Services

Yourvehicle’s air conditioning system uses a cooling agent called refrigerant whichis used to remove heat from an enclosed area. Problems with your airconditioning system are usually caused by refrigerant leaks which can beharmful to both your vehicle and the environment.

What is included in an air conditioningservice?

·        Testthe A/C system for leaks and internal cabin temperature

·        Restoreproper refrigerant levels

·        Restoreinterior cooling ability

How often should I have my car’s airconditioning system checked?

Mostvehicle’s lose about 0.3-0.6 oz. of refrigerantannually, therefore it is ideal to get your vehicle’s air conditioning systemchecked out every year. Additionally, if you ever start to experience poorperformance from your car’s air conditioning, then it could be time to bring itin and get tested just to be safe.