How it works

  1. Fill out a fundraiser request form or ask a store manager about fundraising.
  2. We send you a customized flyer and you spread the word through email and social media.
  3. Feel good about giving back! Support a local business and keep 100% of your group’s sales to your cause.

Request fundraiser certificates

Your fundraiser is only considered approved when you receive an email confirmation of your customized Big Brand Tire & Service Fundraising Flyer. Please fill out the following:

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  1. Who can promote Big Brand Tire & Service fundraiser certificates?
  2. How much $$ can we earn?
  3. What does it cost to participate in the fundraiser program?
  4. What percentage of the sales do you keep?
  5. What information do you require?
  6. What do you do with the purchaser information that we are asked to put on the certificates?
  7. How important is the purchaser information that is required?
  8. Can the purchaser give it as a gift?
  9. What tips do you have to make our fundraiser a success?