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Why are some tires better for rain?

driving in the rain

Since old tires don’t perform as well as new tires in the rain, now is the perfect time to get them checked. A quick inspection can keep your family safe this rainy season. According to AAA, wet pavement contributes to 1.2 million car accidents each year in the U.S. Some tires are guaranteed to stop yards before others in the rain, but what makes a new tire better than a worn tire in the rain?

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Recycling Used Tires


Used tires are an important part of the tire industry. Many car owners are looking for an inexpensive, short-term solution to their sudden tire problems. People rarely set aside money in their savings for tires, and tire repairs and replacements often come at the worst times. Luckily,  there's an easy way to resolve this problem that's good for your pocketbook, and also good for the environment: used tires.

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Why is my tire light flashing?

Strange warning lights go on and off on people’s car dashes all the time. Most people, myself included, overlook them, and keep moving at the fast pace life requires today. What does the tire light even mean? Should I really be concerned about it?

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How do I know which tires to buy?

There are very few things that people hate more than buying new tires. Some can be expensive, most aren’t conspicuous enough to show off, all the sizes are way too complicated to understand, and in the end, a wrong decision can really affect your driving. Really, it’s a decision I never wanted to make. In reality, it’s far easier to send someone else to the shop to pick a set out. But, how could I decide which tires I need? Is there a simple way to tell the shop all the random traits you’re looking for?

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What if I don’t have a spare tire?

Many cars don’t come equipped with a spare tire. I didn’t realize this until a few days ago when a friend and I were talking about flat tire incident I dealt with a few months ago. She mentioned to me that there wasn’t a spare in her car. I chuckled at her, and asked her if I could check for her. In the end, she was entirely right. She didn’t have a spare tire. In its place, there was a repair kit that consisted of some tire sealant and an inflation kit.

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Why is scheduled maintenance necessary?

The last time I took my car in for an oil change, they told me it was almost time for my scheduled mileage maintenance. At first, I hesitated. What in the world was a scheduled mileage maintenance? And why did my relatively new car need maintenance already? I didn’t ask either of these questions, but instead paused to think about them. The man at the counter saw my hesitation, and added that most people would either set up an appointment immediately, or promptly forget about it. He also warned me of how dangerous it could be if you did forget about it. I set up an appointment, heeding his warning, but no one mentioned what these maintenances would do for me or why my car needed them.

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Why do I need an oil change?

When I asked this question to someone who knew a lot about cars, the answer I got was “Oil changes are vital to making your car run smoothly.” I’d heard that before. And sure, I knew that any machine with many metal parts would need to stay lubricated to avoid overheating or something, but since the oil doesn’t really go anywhere, why should I ever need to replace it?

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How do I put on a spare tire?

The most common incapacitating car problem is generally agreed to be a flat tire. Active Tools Education Center says that in the U.S. alone, 220 million people get flat tires over the course of a year; that boils down to seven punctures every second, and that’s just in the United States! Luckily for these 220 million people, flat tires are not only the most common car problem, but they are also one of the easiest to repair. Despite the frequency of this predicament, and the simplicity of its repair, few people know what to do when they get a flat tire. Shamefully, I’m among those who would be stuck on the side of the road for hours trying to figure out where to start– if I was left to do it on my own.

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What is a wheel alignment?

Everyone has hit a curb or a pothole before; most people know that either of those can cause wheel misalignment; but few people actually know what a wheel alignment is, much less why it’s needed. Wheel alignments sound awfully important and awfully complicated. The most annoying part about an alignment is how much it costs for what may seem like an unnecessary service. While they aren’t particularly expensive, it’s nice to know what you’re paying for, and why it’s important to your car’s ability to run properly.

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Why is my steering wheel shaking?

For most people, myself included, the steering wheel is one of the few parts of a car that’s easy to recognize. Likewise, it’s one that everyone knows is vital to the car’s operation, so when it starts vibrating on the freeway, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t be fazed. There are even fewer people who would know how to fix the problem.

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How do I jump-start my car?

When you get up on a particularly cold morning, and the air is almost piercing, you really just want to get to work and start your day so it’ll be over with sooner. I had one of these days a week or so ago, but my car wouldn’t start. I turned the key in the ignition a few times, and my car wouldn’t even turn over. I’d seen people pull out the red and black cables before, and perform some strange clamping and unclamping procedure, but I never thought I would be the one doing the clamping.

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Why are my brakes squeaking?

Everyone has had those heart-stopping images of brake failure accidents flash into their mind: whether it was because they hit the wrong pedal, they felt their brakes shudder, or their brakes let out a shrill squeal. The shrieking noise of brakes is never a welcome one, but the real question is is your safety really at risk? 

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