Yokohama Avid Touring-S Tires

The Yokohama AVID TOURING-S is a standard touring all season tire. The AVID TOURING-S is designed for coupes, sedans and minivans. This Yokohama tire balances ride quality, handling, durability and traction in all weather conditions including light snow. The Yokohama AVID TOURING-S uses tri-plex tread compound to deliver long tread life and traction year-round. The AVID TOURING-S features Silent Shoulder variable tread blocks and a twin rail stability central rib to maintain a quiet ride while providing consistent handling. The AVID TOURING-S uses tapered rain channels, circumferential grooves, and cross traction sipes to provide traction in wet weather. This Yokohama tire also features twin steel belts with nylon reinforcements and a polyester body that deliver consistent ride and durability.