Yokohama Avid Envigor Tires

Yokohama is taking a bold step in improving the performance of its tires with the introduction of its ingenious new tire, the AVID ENVIGOR. The Avid Envigor are the first tires on the market that offer more comfort, outstanding traction and handling, fuel efficiency and long tread life. Yokohama Avid Envigor is one of a kind with 69 sizes, making it one of the biggest launches in the history of the company. The features of AVID ENVIGOR include: Tapered center rib and a unibloc shoulder, Adaptive 3d sipes with angled groove walls, Enhanced contact patch, Groove-in-groove technology, All-new slica compound, Six pitch tread distinction, An exclusive, all-new profile. The AVID ENVIGOR is evidently in its own league. This tire is the right choice for drivers of sport cars, sedans and coupes.