Yokohama Avid Ascend Tires

Yokohama’s Avid Ascend tire is rated as the best T-speed size tires ever produced. The avid Ascend is an all-season tire, the first to be mass-produced by Yokohama in the United States. Yokohama used ingenious technological advancement to ensure that the tire is eco-friendly. The engineers at Yokohama combined Orange Oil Technology with its BluEarth eco-friendly ID to design the Avid Ascend. The use of orange oil technology increases the molecular bond between synthetic and natural rubber, which improves the vehicle fuel efficiency, tire tread life and traction in all seasons. The tire’s internal structure consists of twin steel belts, which are strengthened by polyester body plies and covered by spirally wrapped nylon. Developed for drivers with crossover vehicles, sport cars and minivans, the Aid Ascend tire is designed to endure all-session grip, light snow and low rolling resistance. With its BluEarth branding, Yokohama has produced a series of ecologically friendly tires aimed at delivering ecofriendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles.