Yokohama Advan S 4 Tires

Yokohama developed the ADVAN S4 as an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire especially for drivers of coupes and sedans. Designed with a combination noise quality and ride comfort capability, the ADVAN S4 delivers continuous traction to meet the challenges of all-season driving, even in light snowy conditions. Features of the ADVAN S4 includes an all-season silica-enhanced tread compound, which molded into a main tread with big strengthened shoulder blocks. The staggered self-regulating intermediary tread blocks and continuous circumferential center ribs improve steering response and horizontal stability while reducing tire noise pattern on dry roads. Multiple lateral and three wide circumferential grooves evacuate water quickly to prevent hydroplaning. Numerous elongated sipes offer the needed biting edges to improve traction in light snow. Using its Variable Pitch Technology, Yokohama developed the ADVAN S4 tire to minimize tread pattern noise. The internal structure of the ADVAN S4 tire consists of twin steel belts strengthened by spirally wound seamless nylon over the tread section to deliver predictable handling, high-speed durability while improving ride comfort and wear quality. Tapered bead filler stabilizes responsiveness and cornering capability to provide low road noise.