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235 /50 R18
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Product Description

The Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ AS is an all season tire made for cars and minivans in general. These tires promise reliable performance in every season of the year. AS in the name denotes that the tires are all season tires which means they are good for use all year including in light snow as well as your regular everyday dry or wet weather. With an optimized tread compound that has been combined with Tiger Claw tread design and a solid center rib the Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ AS tires provide their high performance for driving conditions all year round. They also provide reliability and durability on the road thanks to their DuraSheild construction. This as well as the non-directional design of the tire tread provides a more balanced wear over time as well as increased tread life. Ideal for everyday highway use the Tiger Paw GTZ AS tire is what you need for your replacement tires of your minivans and family cars. These can be used to replace your car’s original equipment tires when they need to be replaced. If this is your intention then you must choose tires that are the same size and that follow all the same specifications of your original equipment tires.