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285 /25 R20
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Product Description

The Proxes T1R is an Ultra-High Performance Summer tire designed by Toya specifically for sporty coupes, sports car, and high performance sedans. The Proxes T1R tire features a dynamic tread pattern that allows it to deliver optimum performance in wet, dry and warm conditions. The Proxes T1R is similar to other Ultra-High Performance tire and should never be driven through snow, on ice or in temperatures near to freezing. Molding the Generation S silica-bound high-grip compound into a directional tread pattern, Toyo developed the Proxes T1R tire to deliver a combination of wet and dry traction, noise comfort, improved handling and ride quality. Dry road stability and uneven wear are guaranteed by shoulder blocks supported by circumferential ribs. V-shaped water evacuation grooves removes water from beneath the tire’s footprint to resist aquaplaning and improve wet traction capability. The internal structure of the Proxes T1R tire features matching high-tensile steel belts covered with spirally wrapped joint less lid and edge layers that regulates the shape of the footprint to encourage high-speed stability and even wear FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Silica- covered high-grip tread elements that deliver Improved wet and dry performance • Advanced unidirectional tread pattern that delivers exceptional dry and wet handling with stylish design. • V- Shaped leading grooves that disperse water to deliver superb wet performance and hydroplaning. • Sturdy shoulder rib bands to improve cornering capability for excellent dry performance and to minimize uneven wear to allow for a comfortable and quiet ride. Parallel shoulder slits help to reduce uneven wear.