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245 /45 R16
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Product Description

Toyo developed the Proxes RR as a Racetrack & Autocross Only tire for drivers who participate in road racing events where high levels of traction is needed in dry road conditions. Although the RR radials meet DOT standards, they should never be driven, if shaved or worn, in wet conditions especially where standing water is present. Drivers should reduce speed and drive cautiously to limit hydroplaning risks. The Proxes RR is similar to all Racetrack & Only tires and should never be driven in temperatures close to freezing. Storage recommendation for the RR radials is indoors at a consistent temperature above 150 F. The Proxes RR tire features an enhanced-grip tread compound that is molded into a semi-slick tread pattern, which includes two 4/32” deep regular circumferential tread grooves, and several wear inspection holes in the slick regions. With this “ready–to-race design”, there is no need for tire shaving, but the Proxes RR tire will benefit from heat cycling prior to competition to improve wear and more consistent performance delivery, including scuff-in throughout the first lap The internal structure of the Proxes RR tire consists of regular rayon casing construction to produce expected handling and reliable lap times during the tire's life. With reinforced sidewalls, the Proxes RR tire delivers improved cornering stability and enhanced steering response. Racers can label and manage their tire due to a marking area that is designed in the sidewall design. The internal construction and symmetric tread pattern allow for mounting the Proxes RR on either side of the vehicle and can be mounted out later to extend the tire’s life. Set-up guidelines recommended by Toyo Tires for the Proxes RR: • Camber: -1° to -3° • Operating Temperature: 160°F to 220°F • Hot Inflation Pressures: 32 to 38 (psi) • Caster: All the positive that is possible