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205 /55 R16
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Product Description

Toyo developed the Proxes R1R as a High Performance Summer specifically for drivers who are looking for performance beyond typical street tire restrictions. Developed from years of tough on -the-track knowledge, the Proxes R1R tire is designed to raise performance on both wet and dry road conditions. The Proxes R1R is similar to all Extreme Performance Summer tires, and should never be stored, serviced nor driven in temperature near to and below freezing, on ice or through snow. It is best to store the Proxes R1R tire indoors at a consistent temperature above 150 F. The Proxes R1R shapes a high-grip, reinforced silica tread compound into an 8/32" - 9/32" deep pointing Arrowhead tread pattern with an additional wide footprint to combine performance and handling during fast dry-road driving with grip in wet conditions. The main edges of the arrowheads are shaped to deliver stabilized center block movement to decrease the likelihood of uneven wear. Improved hydroplaning capability is effective with the Multi-Width EVAC Channels features of the Proxes R1R center tread design. The narrow widths at the shoulders help to keep the blocks rigid during forceful braking and the increased block size improves steering response. The Poxes R1R internal structure features an advanced inspired competitive, improved radial construction designed for forceful driving around corners and accelerating quickly onto the straight-ways. Identical high-tensile steel belts, strengthened with spirally covered jointless cap and edge plies, regulate the shape and size of the tire’s footprint. Jointless beads secure the tire to the wheel, while a slightly angled body and a high-elevated bead compound work together to give a stabilized sidewall.