Toyo Proxes Open Country Q/T Tires

Toyo developed the Open Country Q/T (Quiet Terrain) touring, all-season tire specifically for SUVs and CUVs. Attractively designed with an impressive tread life, The Open Country Q/T offers a comfortable and noiseless ride. Toyo states that this first-rate all-season tire was designed to deliver firm handling and stability especially for a wide variety of vehicles from CUVs to classy SUVs. Molded with a unique tread design, the Open Country Q/T comes with several main features. • Silent Wall technology that reduces pipe resonance to deliver a noiseless ride. • Four wide circumferential tread grooves that evacuate water beneath the footprint to enhance wet traction. • Open horizontal slits in the tread help to increase water drainage for improved wet performance. • Tread blocks consisting of multi-wave sipes, which reduce uneven wear and provide a smooth and quiet ride. The sipes allow for better braking ability on both wet and dry road conditions and enhanced traction in light snow. • The Open Country Q/T is backed by Toyo’s 65,000 miles warranty, including a 500 miles/45 days trial offer.