Toyo Proxes Open Country H/T Tires

Toyo OPEN COUNTRY H/T is an All Season / All Terrain tire. This light truck tire is designed to deliver quiet on road performance, optimal ride comfort, and precise handling on highways. The open Country H/T is M&S rated and is available in several original equipment sizes, which makes it ideal for improving ride quality when fitted on your SUV/ Crossover, or light truck. Designed for vans, pickups and sport utility vehicles, the Open Country H/T tire offers drivers high mileage and a safe driving experience on wet and dry road surfaces. Like all All-Season tires, the Open Country H/T delivers a combination of quiet performance, optimal comfort, long wear and precise handling on wet and snow covered roads. Sturdy shoulder rib reduces uneven tread wear. Symmetric, flexible pitch tread design allows for cross rotation, which minimizes uneven wear and noise when the tire makes contact with the road. Two deep grooves that evacuates water from the tire footprints provides enhanced handling performance and aquaplaning capability. Deep sipes provides better traction during wet and snowy road conditions. Multi-wave sipes minimizes irregular wear to provide a smooth, noiseless and comfortable ride. The open Country H/T is available in Tuff Duty size with ultra-strong tri-belt construction and deep tread depths, making it the perfect tire choice for your towing trailers and pickups that haul heavy loads.