Toyo Proxes Open Country C/T Tires

Toyo’s Open Country C/T is an on-/off-road commercial grade tire designed for ½-ton to 1-ton pickups Toyo states that the Open Country C/T (Commercial Terrain) is a durable all-terrain commercial tire. The Open Country also has a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake, which makes it suitable for severe snow conditions. Developed with an aggressive look for well-adjusted on- and off-road drive, the Open Country C/T has a unique tread pattern and tough structure that gives it a long tread life to deliver better traction in mud, gravel and snow. Even with this aggressive look, the tire provides a comfortable and noiseless ride while on the highway. The features of the Open Country C/T include a tough, 3-ply construction along with better all-weather grip. Toyo states that this tire is ideally suited for ranch trucks that do year-round work and is also great for weekend recreational activities such as towing or hauling. Molded with an advanced tread compound, the Open Country C/T was designed especially for rough off roads and no roads driving. While the innovative tread compound helps the Open Country C/T to resist chipping, cutting and stone drilling, the tire will remain flexible even in low temperatures. The tread design includes twin-angled shoulder blocks, to deliver improved traction in mud, snow, mud, and rutted roads; also a pinned tread allows for TSMI #15 studs which help to improve ice traction. According to Toyo, the Open Country C/T has broadened their commercial grade tire line for light trucks.