Get Free Tire Repairs

Whether you bought your tires from us or not, we are happy to repair your car, light truck or SUV tire at no charge. We repair thousands of tires every month.

During the repair process, we will remove each tire from the rim and inspect it inside and out to make sure the tire can be safely repaired.

For a tire to be repaired it must meet the following safety requirements:

  • The puncture must be in the crown area of the tire. The crown is defined as the center of the tire approximately 1.5” from each shoulder.
  • The puncture must be less than 1/4 in diameter
  • There must be at least 2/32" of tread remaining on the tread surfaces*.
  • The tire must not be severely weather checked.
  • If there are multiple punctures, they must not be so close together that the repair units will overlap.
  • The integrity of the tire is reduced by the puncture itself.
  • The overall condition of the tire must be good**.

Tire puncture repairs must always be done properly. Improperly repaired tires can possibly fail while in service, such as by tread-belt separation and / or detachment, which can result in an accident causing serious personal injury or death.

*2/32nds of tread is a standard established by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA) and the Tire Industry Association (TIA). Although the California Vehicle Code for Tires states that a 1/32nd minimum tread depth is okay to install on a vehicle for use on a highway, we recommend compliance with RMA and TIA for our customer’s safety.

**Some examples of symptoms which may disqualify a tire from being in good condition are as follows:

-An existing, improper repair exists in the tire.
-Excessive age cracking on the tire.
-The tire bead is in good condition.