Get Free Tire Repairs

Whether you bought your tires from us or not, we are happy to repair your car, light truck or SUV tire at no charge. We repair thousands of tires every month.

During the repair process, we will remove each tire from the rim and inspect it inside and out to make sure the tire can be safely repaired.

For a tire to be repaired it must meet the following safety requirements:

  • The puncture must be in the tread area of the tire
  • The puncture must be less that 1/4 in dia.
  • There must be a least 1/32" of tread remaining on the tread surfaces.
  • The tire must not be severely weather checked.
  • The tire must not be older than 6 years old*.
  • The overall condition of the tire must be good.

For safety reasons, we do not patch runflats. Due to the construction of a runflat tire, there is no way for us to determine the integrity of the tire.

*Many customers are surprised by our decision not to repair old tires. Our decision is based on the following:

-The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a consumer advisory on the effects of aging on tires. In its advisory, the agency cited both vehicle and tire manufacturers’ recommendations that tires should be replaced within six to ten years, regardless of tread depth.

-NHTSA also issued a “Research Report to Congress on Tire Aging”. In the report, NHTSA studied the risk of tire failure caused by tires degrading over time. Their research showed that 77% of tire claims made to insurance companies made between 2002 and 2006 were made due to the effects of hot climates on tire construction and 84% of tire claims were made for tires that were more than six years old. California is a hot climate so tire aging occurs more rapidly here.

-The integrity of a punctured tire is reduced by the puncture itself.