Pro-Comp A/T Sport Tires

The Pro Comp A/T Sport is an all-new, all-terrain tire that can handle any road condition. Designed for navigating jagged trails, unpaved roads, mountain tracks and city streets, the Pro Comp A/T Sport will take you anywhere and back. This high-performance tire offers drivers a quiet ride on any terrain. Sweeping groove technology design allows the Pro Comp A/T remove water and debris quickly from beneath the footprint to provide all-weather steadiness. Staggered design improves traction on all road conditions, even in extreme weather conditions. Side holder lugs increase traction capability in all- weather and on any terrain making it less prone to punctures. Molded with an all- terrain compound, the Pro Comp A/T provides better performance while driving on dry, wet roads or, on-and-off road surfaces. A multi-pitch variation with irregular tread blocks pattern reduces noise level and provide enhanced ride quality. The Pro Comp A/T Sport comes with a tread wear warranty of 6000 miles.

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