Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Tires

Pirelli’s Scorpion Verde is an all season eco-friendly crossover/SUV touring all-season tire for drivers of sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. The special Pirelli “Ecoimpact” icons featured on the tire highlight its environmentally friendly nature. The Scorpion Verde offers highly sought after fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions than most tires on the market. Even though Pirelli designed the Scorpion as an eco-friendly option, the engineers still included the benefits Pirelli tires are known for. The Scorpion Verde has unbelievable dry and wet road handling with improved grip for all-season traction even in light snow. Pirelli made these tires with a silica tread compound featuring an asymmetrical tread design for optimal rubber to void ratio. The uniform road contact increases traction while ensuring uniform wear patterns and long tire life.