Pirelli P Zero Rosso (Asimmetrico) Tires

The Pirelli PZero Rosso is a high performance summer tire. The Pirelli PZero Rosso provides high performance, high speed stability and comfort. The PZero Rosso tire is not intended for use in near freezing temperatures or in snow and ice. The Pirelli PZero Rosso includes asymmetric and directional tread patterns each tuned to meet unique performance needs of various vehicles. The PZero Rosso Asimmetrico is used for front and rear wheel drive, front engine vehicles. The PZero Rosso Direzionale is used on mid and rear engine vehicles on the front axle and the Asimmetrico tire on the rear. The PZero Rosso tire has a silica enhanced tread compound that provides grip in cold weather and low rolling resistance in dry conditions. The tread is reinforced with PenTec cord to stabilize the tread and support the steel belts as well as reduce the chance of flat spotting.