Pirelli P Zero Nero Gt Tires

Pirelli came out with the P Zero Nero GT as the supreme performance summer tire for sports cars and coupes drivers. The appropriately named Nero, conveys the beautiful style and accomplishment of this Pirelli line of tires. The P Zero Nero GT uses Pirelli’s latest technology for unequaled performance and longevity. Pirelli added a new silica compound to its tread to cut down on tire’s wear while enhancing the traction and power in both dry and wet weather conditions. The P Zero Nero’s asymmetrical design with its wide rib tread increases the tire rigidity to eliminate deformation and allows for an even better steering response and lower levels of noise. Additionally, the rayon body plies and twin steel belts with reinforced zero degree nylon makes for a tire with unmatched durability even when driven at high speeds.