Pirelli P Zero A/S Plus Tires

The P Zero All Season Plus from Pirelli is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire. The P Zero A/S Plus was developed for drivers of coupes, powerful sports cars and sedans. The tire is designed to deliver year-round performance in all seasons, including light snow. Features: New all-season tread compound that is a combination of polymers and silica; Advanced asymmetric tread pattern that reduces noise inside the vehicle; 5 specially designed ribs that enhance performance in all types of weather; Firm outboard shoulder blocks with crosswise siping to improve cornering; Firm center rib to intensify steering control, handling and dry grip; Circumferential grooves to remove water and resist hydroplaning while large grooves between blocks for expelling water beneath the footprints; Winter siping technology improves tread pattern firmness while enhancing the capacity of biting edges for snow traction performance; Internal structure consists of twin steel belts strengthened by covered nylon to boost shape of the tire’s footprints and provides excellent steering control, tread wear and driving comfort.