Nexen Tire American, Inc Nfera Ru5 Tires

The Nexen N FERA RU5 molds an asymmetric design technology to produce an ultra-high performance tire. Designed to deliver improved handling performance on wet, slippery road, the N FERA RU5 ensures safe driving and stability on numerous risky road conditions. The tire is designed to balance tire-to-road contact pressure to minimize rotation resistance and boost fuel efficiency. Molding straight and wave grooves pattern the N FERA RU5 optimizes water flow to improve hydroplaning capability. Improved center blocks rigidity provides better handling performance while driving at high speeds. Small groove pattern improves traction on wet and snow-covered roads. An additional outer rib, asymmetrical to the inner, optimizes rigidity and minimizes in and out to deliver greater driving stability. The "N'FERA RU5 is designed to balance tire-to-road contact pressure so as to minimize rotation resistance and improve the tire’s fuel efficiency. Designed with a black sidewall, the N'FERA RU5 tire is for drivers of light trucks. The tire is eco-friendly, provides greater driving performance and greater economic value. The N FERA RU5 comes with a 50,000- mile tread wear warranty for the 17’’ and below while the 18’’ and above has a 65,000 tread wear warranty.