Mickey Thompson Baja Mtz Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ is the pride of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. It is a Mud Terrain marvel tire. The tire is built to meet extreme conditions with performance above the expectations of the driver. The manufacturer relies heavily on the design of the tread of the tires. The salient feature of the tread is the multi-stage lug patterns that assist in a comfortable drive on the highway. The lugs of the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tire have open spaces between them for self-cleaning. The Sidebiters technology and design add traction in deep mud and heavy snow allowing for excellent maneuvering on slick surfaces. The Sidebiters design also provides defense against abrasions. The tire is given additional protection and resistance by the 3 plies on the sidewalls and 6 plies of thread covers the top.

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