Michelin Premier A/S Tires

Michelin Premier A/S was developed a weathers all year around. The manufacturer has introduced a tread technology that makes the tire equally good and safe when worn in the snow. This ultra-high all season performance tire is designed with EverGrip technology. Michelin Premier A/S is a proud product of the company and has clear edge on the competitors. Backed by highly qualified engineers and designers the tire is designed to shorter stops under unfavorable weather conditions. The EverGrip Compound (extreme amounts of silica) technology allows drivers to have complete control of the vehicle under extreme conditions. The expanding rain grooves of the tire widen and new grooves emerge and open to expel the water for hydroplaning resistance and maintain a firm traction and powerful road grip. During lower temperatures in winters the EverGrip Compound remains fresh and flexible because of Sunflower Oil mixed in the rubber compound.