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255 /40 R19
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Product Description

Michelin’s Pilot Sport PS2 is an Ultra Performance Summer tire and is a member of the Michelin Pilot line of low profile, high-speed tires. The Pilot Sport PS2 was developed initially for Original Equipment (O.E.) on several vehicle applications such as performance sedans and prominent sport cars. The Pilot Sport PS2 tire delivers a combination of excellent dry road grip, improved cornering and handling. The Pilot Sport PS2 is not designed to be driven in temperature close to freezing, on ice or through snow. The external features of the Pilot Sport PS2 consist of two dissimilar tread rubber compounds. The hybrid carbon black compound starts at the outer shoulder of the tire continuing to the inner shoulder, which is molded into an irregular design, displaying large external shoulder blocks and continuous middle center ribs that allow the tire to deliver improved handling and cornering stability. The two tread compounds are constructed particularly for their place to deliver a combination of dry and wet traction along with tight cornering and high-speed capability. The Pilot Sport PS2 has a tread design featuring wide circumferential grooves and horizontal notches that disperse water beneath the footprint for enhanced wet road grip. The interior has a tread design sustained by dual lightweight, high-tensile steel cord belts, which are further supported by separately placed nylon fibers to deliver improved resistance to distortion, steering response, improved ride quality and high-speed durability. .