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225 /55 R17
  • $70 Manufacturer's Rebate (set of 4)

$ 181.99

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Product Description

The Michelin Pilot Primacy tires are all season grand touring tires made for sedans, family minivans, coupes and crossover utility vehicles. They provide a comfortable, quiet ride and feature a long tread life as well as all season traction and responsive handling. They are even suitable for driving in light snow conditions. Treads are made from an all season compound that is molded to a symmetric design that has a combination feature independent intermediate tread blocks, notched shoulders and continuous center ribs. Using comfort control technology and a computer optimized design the tires are made with precision to reduce road noise and vibrations so as to provide a comfortable ride. The internal structure of the Michelin PRIMACY is similar to other Michelin tires. The interior is designed with reinforced twin steel belts that have been reinforced with proprietary BAZ technology. This technology reinforces the steel belts with a polyamide that is spirally wrapped. This design provides an enhanced ride comfort as well as durability in high speed use. Since this is a Grand Touring or GT tire it is rated for higher speeds and provides a nice soft and quite ride which is great if you have to be on a long drive. A performance tire on the other hand will provide a harder ride and may even be a bit louder when cornering or driving at faster speeds.