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215 /45 R17
  • $70 Manufacturer's Rebate (set of 4)

$ 157.99

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Product Description

The Michelin Pilot MXM4 tire is a Grand Touring All-Season tire created for giving users high response handling, driving harmony, low noise and a great ride. It is made with a polyester cord body which provides a smooth ride. You could call these tires a hybrid tire between performance tires and premium passenger tires. This is because though they provide superior handling performance and the look of performance tires they also offer the ride comfort and low noise associated with premium passenger tires. Additionally they are appropriate for all seasons providing even traction in light snow conditions. The exterior of the Pilot HX MXM4 features a symmetric tread design with weather tuned tread that has been compounded molded to it. This is what enables the tires capabilities of traction on roads in different conditions whether wet, dry or covered with snow. The tires feature independent tread blocks which provide circumferential grooves combined with snow biting edges which evacuates water from the underside of the footprint of the tire and thereby reducing hydroplaning and increasing the wet traction capabilities of the tire. On the inside, the tires feature reinforced twin steel belts with Michelin’s Banded at Zero (BAZ) spiral wrapped polyamide cord reinforcement. This enhances tread wear while stabilizing the tread and also increases the high speed capabilities and the handling of the vehicle that the tires are used on.