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265 /35 R19
  • $70 Manufacturer's Rebate (set of 4)

$ 303.97

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Product Description

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire was developed to battle the racing track with optimum racing endurance. The tire is guaranteed by the manufacturer to provide drivers with the ultimate joy of driving with this ultra-high performance tire. Years of Michelin experience, research and technology is behind this state-of-the-art tire. The tire comes with a 30,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty that includes standard material, quality workmanship and tread-wear/mileage. Michelin offers a novel tire for fun driving without compromising the safety of drivers. Michelin Pilot Super Sport is designed to provide a 12% edge on better handling of the vehicle and better brakes. The tire is manufactured with dual compound and ultra-high technology (Twaron belt) to ensure the stability of vehicle at high speeds. The quality and performance of tire translate in the safety of drivers and a confident builder.