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205 /50 R16
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Product Description

The LION SPORT UHP is an ultra-high-performance tire designed for luxury vehicles that want improved handling and improved comfort while driving on the highway. Designed for sport vehicles including SUVs, the rim offset is roughly 35 mm, while the groove depth of the vehicle is an average 8 mm. The LingLong brand is known for having exceptionally long lifespans, allowing for greater durability of the tire. The style of the Lion Sport UHP tire allows for increased high-speed capacity because of the improved design on the tire. The tire is also designed for high lateral skid prevention capability while improving its handling stability and traction. The LION SPORT UHP tire comes with increased drainage capability, which also reduces the overall risk of hydroplaning while driving on wet roads. The Lion Sport UHP is a high- performance tire that provides greater safety and improved ride comfort.