Leao Linglong Lion Lion Sport Hp Tires

LingLong designed the Lion Sport HP tire, which ranges from 578 mm to 738 mm, depending on the size of tire purchased. The lowest size is 185/60R14, with the largest being 235/65R17. The tires fit standard rims of 5 to 7, allowing for a maximum load of 475 kilograms to 900 kilograms in total. Tread depth ranges from 7.7 mm to 8.6 mm depending on the size of the tire, from smallest to largest. The tire features four straight wide circumferential grooves that help to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Symmetric tread pattern design offers greater comfort and quietness for the vehicle, even while driving on rough road surfaces. The center rib of the tire is solid, which improves the handling performance. The tire has an optimized pitch design, which also reduces noise, lending itself to a quiet ride regardless of the road surface you are driving on.