Leao Linglong Lion Lion Sport Gp Tires

The Lion Sport GP from LingLong is designed for radial passenger vehicles, allowing for a towing capacity of 475 kilograms to 900 kilograms depending on the size of the tire. The tread depth of the tire ranges from 7.7 mm to 8.6 mm, depending on the size of the tire from smallest to largest. The solid center rib of the LION SPORT GP tire improves the stability of the tire, which adds to the safety of the vehicle on the road. The tire also features four straight wide circumferential grooves, which are designed to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The optimized pattern pitch sequence reduces noise, leading to a quiet on-road drive. With a symmetric tread pattern allows for improved ride comfort. This tire from LingLong brand, when fitted to the appropriate vehicle applications, helps to improve the overall safety during on-road driving.