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245 /75 R16
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Product Description

The X -FIT - SUV-AT tire is an All -Terrain tire developed for SUVs and light trucks. The X -FIT-SUV- AT tire is designed to deliver enhanced braking and traction and improved off-road traction even on wet road surfaces. The features of the X -FIT-SUV- AT tire includes optimised performance for driving on both on and off-road conditions. The four broad circumferential grooves allow for the effective removal of water from beneath the tire’s footprint during wet weather conditions. The interior tread block design of the X -FIT-SUV- AT protects the tire from external damage. The tire has a stepped groove design, which eject stones that may lodge in its tread. The X- FIT-SUV- AT has rim protectors designed into the bead section. This feature helps to prevent external damage that may result from driving on rugged terrain. The X- FIT-SUV- AT tire uses an advanced technology that allows for enhanced steering performance for drivers of light trucks and SUVs. The X -FIT-SUV- AT is a durable All-Season high performance tire.