Kumho Solus Ta71 Tires

Kumho developed the Solus TA71 as a Grand Touring All-Season tire for drivers of luxury performance sedans and sporty coupes. The Solus TA71 combines responsive handling and quiet ride comfort to deliver all-weather traction including light snow. Utilizing Kumho's innovative Nano silica compound, the Solus TA71 is engineered to diffuse heat for lasting tread life and cold temperatures traction. The Nano silica compound is shaped into an irregular tread pattern to create all- weather traction and steering responsiveness. The four wide lateral grooves help to remove water to deliver wet grip and hydroplaning resistance. Accurately slanting snow sipes create small biting edges, which are specifically designed for improved traction on cold, slippery road surfaces. Kumho’s utilized its ESCOT Casing Technology to boost the distribution of sidewall cord tension to maintain steering control and tread life. Matching steel belts protected with spirally covered nylon on the inner structure help to deliver high-speed stability. Continuous bead bundles help to separate vibration and bumps to deliver all-weather grip and a smoother and noiseless ride.