Kumho Solus Ta11 Tires

Kumho developed the Solus TA11 for bold cost-conscious drivers who want a tire with all-season performance on any road condition. Designed for mini-vans, sedans, light SUVs and subcompacts vehicle applications, the Solus TA11 tire offers optimum and lasting values. Molding Kumho’s innovative all-season compound, the mildly irregular tread design, reduces noise and vibration, and low rolling resistance for improved all-weather traction. Jagged shoulders and four wide circumferential grooves allow the Solus TA11 removes water quickly from the footprint to improve aquaplaning resistance and wet traction. Unified zigzag sipes provide biting edges offering increased grip in both wet and freezing conditions. Kumho’s utilized its ESCOT Casing Technology to boosts the distribution of sidewall cord tension to maintain steering control and tread life. The matching steel belts protected with spirally covered nylon on the inner structure help to deliver high-speed stability. Continuous bead bundles help to separate vibration and bumps to deliver all-weather grip and a smoother and noiseless ride.