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245 /75 R16
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Product Description

Kumho developed the Road Venture AT51 as an All-Terrain On-/Off- Road light truck tire for drivers who want off-road performance capability from their pickup trucks, jeeps, and sport utility vehicles. The Road Venture AT51 combines all-season ride and rugged terrain capability to deliver all-season traction on all terrains even in snow. Featuring a durable twofold silica tread composite, the Road Venture AT51 is optimized for power and heat diffusion to boost four-season grip and durability. Wide tread shoulders allow the tire to eject stones, while twin pitch overlapping center blocks create a firm contact area to provide control on dry road surfaces and braking on wet surfaces. Deep circumferential grooves enhance grip on loose off-road surfaces, while tapered tread blocks promote self-cleaning acts for improved traction in mud as well as snow. Kumho utilized its ESCOT Casing Technology to boost the distribution of sidewall cord tension to maintain steering control and tread life. Featuring matching steel belts protected with spirally covered nylon on the inner structure, the AT51 tire provides improved off-road stability and highway steadiness. Two-ply polyester cord and jointless bead bundles help to separate vibration and bumps to deliver a smoother and noiseless ride NOTE: The Road Venture AT51 tires designed by Kumho are trademarked with the mountain/snowflake symbol, which means they meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements.