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195 /70 R14
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Product Description

The Hankook OPTIMO H724 tire is a standard touring all season tire that will give drivers long wear, sporty looks, predictable handling and durability. Their sporty appearance combined with the performance capacity make them very appealing to users. These are designed especially for sedans and sporty coupes and owners will definitely be pleased by their looks and performance. The OPTIMO H724 was created as original equipment tires for sedans and sporty coupes and they provide traction in all seasons including on dry roads, wet roads and roads with light snow cover where the temperature is not close to freezing. These standard touring tires are branded with the M+S symbol and they can be purchased as replacement for your pairs or entire sets that have been worn out. These can only be used in replacements for a complete set or for an axle pair replacement. They can be used on other cars apart from sedans and sporty coupes once they match all the specifications of the original equipment tire of that particular car. These tires provide just the right combination of great materials, great technology, great handling, great comfort, great traction and great looks for all sporty sedans and cars. Being all season tires they can serve you all year round if you don’t cover too many miles in a year.