Goodyear Wrangler Sr-A Tires

The Goodyear Wrangler SR A is an all season highway tire that was created for use by pickup truck drivers as well as for Sport Utility Vehicles and Crossover vehicles. The Wrangler SR-A has been extensively used as the original equipment tires for a variety of the more popular light trucks. It is available in sizes 15 inches to 20 in rim diameter. The Goodyear Wrangler SR A tire has a design that allows it to reduce noise and vibration thus reducing the harshness of the ride. The design also helps to provide all season traction even in light snow and on roads with gravel. Made with Goodyear’s WetTrac Technology the tire molds enhanced wet traction compound into a symmetric design. This design combines wide circumferential grooves, independent tread blocks and 100’s of sipes in a zigzag pattern. This is one of the design features helps to promote great traction in wintry and wet conditions. Wide circumferential grooves move water through the tire’s tread and way from the tire to provide enhanced wet traction as well. The lateral grooves are self-cleaning and help to evacuate water as well as snow and mud. Internally the tire is made with two high tensile steel belts which are seated a top a polyester cord casing. Load range E and D tires are reinforced with nylon that has been spirally wound to increase the strength of the tire as well as to create a more even wear and improve the durability of the tire.