Goodyear Wrangler Mt/R Kevlar Tires

The Goodyear Wrangler MTR w Kevlar tire is a maximum traction, reinforced off road tire created for light trucks. These tires provide serious off road traction and will conquer mud, rocks and other terrain. Made from a silica rubber tread compound and molded into an asymmetric tread design this tire combines wet traction, off road traction and on road handling. With advanced mud flow geometry the tread design is self-cleaning and the shoulder blocks and wraparound tread design on the upper sidewall increase traction in ruts, mud, sand and rocks. Internally the tire features twin steel belts and Dupont Kevlar making it strong and durable. The Kevlar sidewall reinforcement gives the tire enhances puncture and cut resistance which is imperative for off road escapades. The Kevlar also enhance sidewall stability for stability on paved roads. These tires are M+S rated but they are not recommended for snow packed, slush packed or icy roads since the do not have many snow biting sipes.